Conveyer Belt

For many years, Motion Tech’s brushless DC motor has been trusted by professional manufactures from all over the world. It is equiped with a high cost-performance spur reducer and knob-adjustable drive to stabilize speed and torque, and the most important is easy to intall, operate and adjust. Application Products High voltage BLDC Motor MBU3 Motor …

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Drum Type Automated Machine

The unique and precise technology of the drum type automated machine, which can be transported at high speed, together with the torque control capability of Motion Tech’s high voltage DC brushless motor and drive, can provide a cost-effective, safe, reliable and labor-saving solution for the production lines of various industries such as the textile industry. …

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Mechanical Arm

The high flexibility and freedom of the mechanical arm, together with the accuracy of the absolute value encoder servo motor from Motion Tech and the customer’s own speed reducer and drive as a complement, can definitely double the profit for the customer. Application Product Non-standard absolute value encoder servo motor

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