Simple but Tough
Offering the various spec of AGV power module with complete solution, loading from hundred KGS to 18 tons, out put from 15W to 9000W, breaking the limit of your design.
Electric Stair Climbing Chair

Electric stair climbing chair is a must-have for the old apartment dwellers and the aging society, so that getting up and down the stairs is more easily. The low voltage DC brushless motor with constant speed control allows the electric stair climbing chair to easily maintain stability while moving with little effort, and significantly reduces the psychological stress and burden of the caregiver during operation. Application Products Low Voltage BLDC Motor E02 Motor Driver or F01 Motor Driver

Electric Hospital Bed

The brushless DC motor (BLDC) can assist in the movement of the electric hospital bed and the adjustment of the bed angle, providing a variety of angle changes to ease the discomfort of long-time bed-bound patients, and coupled with the power-off electromagnetic brakes of M.T.M, the safety of the hospital bed is greatly enhanced. Application Products Solution 1: Low Voltage BLDC Motor, E02 Motor Driver or F01 Motor Driver Solution 2: Transaxle Brush DC Motor, E02 Motor Driver or F01 Motor Driver

Electric Wheelchair

The gearbox brush DC motor of Motion Tech is the leading brand in the global electric wheelchair market with the highest market share. In recent years, we have been actively planning to upgrade our products to BLDC motors with better efficiency, which can be used in conjunction with our proven gearboxes to contribute to global energy saving and carbon reduction. The most noteworthy is that some of the wheelchair motors have passed the medical grade CE certification, and the internationally recognized products can help you develop new products more smoothly. Application Products Gearbox DC Motor Driver for Electric Wheelchair

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery requires safty and economical product, Motors from MTM are widely used in the agricultural machinery industry in Taiwan, South Korea and other places, not only meet the low cost of agriculture, also the efficiency and endurance are one of a million. Application products Low Voltage BLDC Motor B01 motor driver Improved Hollow Worm Hobbing Reducer

Rail Guided Vehicle

High power brushless motors with no abnormal noise have been applied to railway maintenance vehicles and rail transport vehicles, to improve the efficiency and stability of factory operations, reduce the possible damage by person, greatly improve production efficiency. Make transportation no longer difficult. Application products Low Voltage BLDC Motor B01 motor driver

Golf cart

Low Voltage brush Motor and brushless motor of MTM in golf cart spread in many countries, offer Low Voltage BLDC motor over 4000 RPM, 9000W. From research, design till produce, we choose the best material supplier to make sure that product from MTM with the best quality. Application products: 1: Transaxle motor、B01 Driver 2: Low Voltage BLDC Motor、B01 motor driver or 450 motor driver、Standard Planetary Gearbox

Electric Bicycle

MTM is well known for the high quility customize motor, to go with B01 driver which include water and dust-proof , tough and delicate. Application products Low Voltage BLDC Motor Transaxle motor B01 motor driver

Aerial Lifts

BLDC and brush motor been widely used in Aerial Lifts around the world, devote to develop the lift module, through the high quality material and technology equipment to win the clients’ confidence. Application products 1:Transaxle motor、B01 motor driver 2:Gearbox motor、B01 motor driver or E02 motor driver 3:Permanent Magnet AC motor、Drivers from other brands

Electric Vehicle

MTM is well known for the high quility customize motor, to go with B01 driver which include water and dust-proof , tough and delicate. Application products Low Voltage BLDC Motor Transaxle motor B01 motor driver

Mobility Scooter

Transaxle motor from MTM as the leader brand in mobility scooter market, with the best durability, life time and reliable performance. Take the most production capacity in global market share. also planing to develop more efficiency but less maintenance brushless and transaxle motor recent years. Application productsTransaxle motorDriver for mobility scooter

Automated Doors

The carefully selected high quality materials make up the precise, durable and stable operation of the Motion Tech Motor, which not only saves energy, but also resists high temperature and corrosion. Its torque control capability also provides a safe and cost-effective solution for automatic doors. The extremely low noise level and high efficiency of the shock absorption allow users to highest quality experience.


Motion Tech’s powerful fan motor is not only used in the consumer fan market, but also in the high-temperature and harsh environment such as the cooling fan of a commercial smart oven, and it’s available in a wide ranger of voltage levels to meet the needs of various industries. Application Products Customized high speed BLDC motor (no sensor) Customized Driver


With high durability, low noise level, prevention of overheating and proper speed, it can grind extremely fine powder. The precise speed control technology and torque control protection mechanism of Motion Tech allows you to easily design a motor drive with excellent function and high efficiency. Application Products High Voltage BLDC Motor F02 Motor Driver or MBU3 Motor Driver

Stirring Machine

The high voltage brushless DC motor (BLDC) of Motion Tech Motor is well made with durable structure which conduce products with long life, low noise value, and servo-level functions such as speed control and torque control, which is not only energy-saving and efficient but also precise and reliable. It also can be applied to the stirring machine to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process. Application Products High Voltage BLDC Motor F02 Motor Driver

Water Wheel

Motion Tech’s water wheel motor has a long service life with many years of experience, low power consumption and high efficiency, and is in line with the trend of energy saving and environmental protection so as to also save a lot of money for the aquaculture industry.


The high speed brushless DC motor(BLDC) with motor driver can be easily applied to centrifuges to reduce the operating time. It’s also a reliable solution with a good value, which combines environmental protection, efficiency and high quality, and its duration of service is worthy of your trust. Application Products High Voltage BLDC Motor F02 Motor Driver

Standard AGV

AGV had been used in various industry, affect to the cost reduce of human resource, avoid the possible damage during the convey, highly increase the efficiency of working.Consider that most of the AGV runs with transaxle funtion, MTM offers a stronger planetary Geared Motor in the same dimension, also the various Lift Module to choose. Application productsTransaxle function:Planetary Gearbox Wheel MotorLift function:Planetary Gearbox Lift Module

AGV for storage

Unmanned AGV, now been used in storage convey in many company, rely on it’s mini dimesion to satisfy the both Lift and Rotary funtion. Lift and Rotary Module cause less shaking, smooth, safe and fast action to compete the order. Application products Transaxle function:Right Angle Planetary Gearbox Lift and Rotary funtion:Lift and Rotary Module  

Omnidirectional Heavy-duty AGV

AGV with full direct function wheels, unlimited to any space and barrier, runs agility without blind angle, the highly efficiency and highly safty to achieve the hundred percent unmanned factory. Application productsOmnidirectional Movement Solution:Omnidirectional Drive Wheel

Mechanical Arm

The high flexibility and freedom of the mechanical arm, together with the accuracy of the absolute value encoder servo motor from Motion Tech and the customer’s own speed reducer and drive as a complement, can definitely double the profit for the customer. Application Product Non-standard absolute value encoder servo motor

Drum Type Automated Machine

The unique and precise technology of the drum type automated machine, which can be transported at high speed, together with the torque control capability of Motion Tech’s high voltage DC brushless motor and drive, can provide a cost-effective, safe, reliable and labor-saving solution for the production lines of various industries such as the textile industry. Application Product High voltage BLDC Motor F02 Motor Drive or MBU3 Motor Drive

Conveyer Belt

For many years, Motion Tech’s brushless DC motor has been trusted by professional manufactures from all over the world. It is equiped with a high cost-performance spur reducer and knob-adjustable drive to stabilize speed and torque, and the most important is easy to intall, operate and adjust. Application Products High voltage BLDC Motor MBU3 Motor Drive

Other Automated Machine

The products of Motion Tech are with a wide range and complete specifications, which can also replace the traditional induction motors in various automatic machines to greatly improve efficient. We can also provide professional customization service according to customers’ requirements. The F02 drive of Motion Tech has also passed the CE certification of the European Union. Application Products High Voltage BLDC Motor F02 Motor Drive or MBU3 Motor Drive

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