CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility

Expenditure to set up factories in Taiwan and benefit the society.

Purchased land and build a new factory, which shows the determination to stay in Taiwan. Employees are hired regardless of gender, race, or age, and also employ the disadvantaged groups such as the disabled and middle-aged, and elderly unemployed.

Master the technology to strengthen the competitiveness.

To control high-end technology and market, using innovative thinking and forward-looking policies to enhance the competitiveness of the company, breakthrough short-term difficulties, and respond to future development.

Interns of local college
and university

Let interns feel and practice early, provide labor, health insurance, and work-study salary during the internship.
In the future, we will also provide internships to attract relevant talents.

Environmental Policy and
Energy Conservation

We’re attention to waste sorting, packaging reducing, carton recycling, energy-saving appliances, and takes the responsibility of avoiding environmental pollution or any waste of resources.

Share with community

Participate in and sponsor community activities, invite neighbors to share the achievements of Motiontech, include the Year-end party, the factory celebration, and sports meeting.

Academic and practical sharing

Participate in academic and industrial seminars, share and exchange past practical experience, and collide with new ideas in the brainstorming between one and the other.

Establish an employee
welfare committee

We offer all employees through the Welfare Committee. Organize annual trips and sports competitions. To provide employees with a full range of care, to create employee benefits in the labor-management relationship, and unite the centripetal force.

Participate in industry-university and scholarship

Provide not only scholarships and internship opportunities, but also sponsorship to local events. We actively invite associations or automakers to sponsor disadvantaged groups, and contributes to society through the power of enterprises.

Found the welfare charity "Canyang Assistive Technology Association"

It was co-founded by all caring people, to assist the disabled and disadvantaged children so that they can live on their own.

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